ZVRK°05 - Body as a limit


The cities of Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka are hosting the fifth edition of the International Interdisciplinary Festival of Contemporary Performance from 19 September to 28 September - Zvrk 2019.
This year, we are focussing on both tangible geographical as well as underground internal control points, borders, the intersection of body and geography.
Why? The way we choose to organize our bodies can tell us how we experience time and space, draw geographical boundaries, and build identity. It is important to re-examine the normative historical paradigm and the legitimacy of recorded history that influence the way we think about incarnation, nationality, knowledge transfer and re-reflect it in form and content.

The Zvrk Festival's specificity lies in the entire program of dance and artistic performances being presented in public spaces, outside the traditional cultural institutions. We want to bring the performing arts closer to the public and encourage the interactions between artists and audiences.
During the 9 days of the festival, Zvrk offers the audience a very diverse and high quality program: 9 productions with artists from Lebanon, Sweden, USA, Germany, France, Syria, Denmark, Albania, South Africa, Belgium, Croatia, and BiH.

Zvrk is reexamining the boundaries of contemporary dance in public space and its realizations through boundary and hybrid forms such as performance, concert, installation and much more.

 contact : zvrk.festival [at] gmail.com