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The cities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar will host the fourth edition of the International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival - Zvrk 2017 from September 19 to October 1.

This year's edition of the Zvrk festival is an integral part of the great choreographic EU project "Shapers", which is held in several countries of the Mediterranean, and is particular by all  performances being organized in the public space, outside the framework of traditional cultural institutions.

By this concept and by the reputation of the latest world trends that want to bring the stage art to the wider public and interact with the audience, this year's edition of the Zvrk Festival will present the entire program of dance and art performances in the public space, at three different locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

During the 11 days of the festival, Zvrk will offer a rich and quality program to the audience: 15 productions of which twelve domestic and three parties, with the participation of artists from Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Belgium and BiH.

"As in previous years, the program selection of the Zvrk festival will enable  BH. to familiarize the audience with a very wide range of possible aesthetics, trends, artistic approaches and practices. Zvrk wants to re-examine the boundaries of contemporary dance in the public space and its realization through border and hybrid forms such as performance, concert, installation and the like, "said Jasmina Prolić, artistic director of the festival.

The promotion of contemporary dance and the education of new generations of dancers, artists and choreographers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the main goals of the Zvrk festival as well as the exchange and introduction of international bodies and artists to a wider audience, youth and students with  this specific stage expression that establishes a new form of communication and a freer creative expression.

Since its founding, through the rich contents of dance and stage performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zvrk continuously contributes to the creation of high aesthetic values ​​in the field of choreography in BiH, the cultural integration of the country into European frameworks, and the promotion of BiH culture in Europe. The excellent response of the audience confirms that there is public interest in this type of art.